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Our Site Crashed!!

Imagine being moments from your largest undertaking since the Pandemic, and just like the perfect trick that leaves you wondering how…everything simply disappears!

Well, that is exactly what happened this past Tuesday!  One moment the site is glitching the next moment…dead in the water!!

But we didn’t panic, this may very well be due to the severe lack of sleep that the entire team may or may not have been suffering from.
Whichever the case may have been we pulled together and informed all of our vendors, sponsors, attendees, groups, and event pages of the situation.

Our team is grateful for the consistent support received from the community as a whole. Your understanding and patience have not gone unnoticed!

We hope the new site is more comprehensive and searchable.
Please note that our team had to build this site from scratch, so it is still a work in progress.

Now with this fiasco behind us, we can once again move full steam ahead for the event. Thank you for taking the time to visit us in our new virtual location, we are excited to meet you at the event as well!!

New Site, Who ‘Dis?!?

Although our location has changed the Sow N Grow Foundation as well as our mission for the 2022 Homeschool Kickoff & Conference has not.  We look forward to providing a memory-making experience for you and your family to Kickoff the Homeschool year.

What Can You Expect From The New Site?

The new home of Sow N Grow’s 2022 Homeschool Kickoff & Conference boasts a slew of upgrades and information not previously available on the original site. We took everything we had and gave you more, much more. Here is what you can expect to see now and in the near future.

  • Comprehensive Speaker Information
  • Detailed Breakdowns of Activities and Offerings
  • Peek Into The Event Schedule
  • Event News & Updates
  • And More…
Georgia Homeschooler Ladipo Leonard
Don’t Leave Us Hanging, Tell Us What You Think!

After working day in and day out for 3 days straight while functioning on a total of possibly 4 hours of sleep…it would be nice to know if it was worth the eye-blur and nausea!  Comment below and tell us what you think!
You may even have something that you want to see as well, don’t be shy we want to hear from YOU.