Georgia Homeschooler Ladipo Leonard

Ladipo Leonard

Sow N Grow Higher Learning Academy
Guest Speaker

Discover the Right Course

[Day 1]
Theme: Group Discussion
[Day 1]
Theme: Navigating the Curriculum Maze for Homeschool Success
[Day 2]
Theme: Q&A Panel

Ladipo Leonard is a dedicated wife, proud mother of five girls, with her first boy on the way, and a visionary founder in the world of homeschooling.
In 2016, fueled by her passion for providing her children with the best education possible, she established the Sow N Grow Foundation. This organization has since become a powerful force in the homeschool community, uniting families and empowering young minds to reach new heights.

Ladipo’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence is driven by her belief that by raising the bar for today’s youth, we can inspire them to raise the bar for their future.
Through the Sow N Grow Foundation, she has created a platform for families to come together and share in the joy of learning. From community events and engaging workshops to enriching activities, Ladipo’s dedication has created a supportive and inclusive environment for homeschoolers to thrive.

As a sought-after guest speaker at conferences, Ladipo Leonard imparts her wealth of knowledge and passion for homeschooling to eager audiences. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine desire to uplift others make her presentations both captivating and transformative.

Join her at the upcoming conference and be inspired by Ladipo Leonard’s incredible journey as a homeschooling advocate, mother, and founder. Together, let’s sow the seeds of growth, create brighter futures for our children, and build a stronger homeschool community.